Dynamic Design Solutions - Services

A dedicated team of specialists at Dynamic Design Solutions continuously improves and extends the FEMtools program. New versions are regularly released. In addition, Dynamic Design Solutions provides the following related services:

Technology and Training Courses

Dynamic Design Solutions regularly organizes technology courses on topics covered by its software. These courses are intended for all who want to improve their understanding of the technology behind the software. The FEMtools software is used for hands-on exercises.

Dynamic Design Solutions and FEMtools Solutions Partners also provide introduction and advanced software training courses, on site or at a central location. In some countries, training courses are also organized by FEMtools Solutions Partners in the local language.

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Webinars are a convenient way to learn about different subjects that include the technologies embedded in our software products and typical application cases. Our webinars are presented by technical specialists. developers or technical support engineers.

In general our webinars are free of charge but require registration. Check the dedicated web page for information on the scheduled webinars.

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Custom Software Development

Some examples of development projects in which Dynamic Design Solutions participated:

  • Applications of solving inverse problems (force identification,...)
  • Integration of test and analysis in general (static, dynamic, thermal, acoustics,...)
  • Development of special FEA postprocessing tools
  • Customized integration of design, analysis and optimization tools
  • Development of custom data translators

Project Research

Our engineers are continuously endeavoring to enhance the methods and tools that are used in FEMtools. Furthermore, extensions are developed in FEMtools Script to support special applications. 

Dynamic Design Solutions is involved in several advanced research projects. Some of our current research topics are:

  • Validation and updating of models for thermal analysis
  • Validation and updating of models for acoustic analysis
  • Multidisciplinary optimization
  • Design space exploration
  • Uncertainty assessment

  • Statistical sampling techniques

  • Modeling knowledge and judgment

  • Material identification using mixed numerical-experimental methods
  • Model reduction using equivalent properties (e.g. multi-layer panels).
  • Modeling of structural joints
  • Non-linear dynamics
  • Time domain correlation analysis
  • Structural damage characterization and identification
  • Design optimization using component-based software tools
  • Probabilistic analysis
  • Reliability analysis and robustness analysis

Organizations interested in joining us in the exploration of these new techniques or to startup projects in these and other related areas (e.g. EU Framework, Eureka, ...) are invited to contact info@femtools.com

Consulting Services

Using state-of-the-art FE analysis and simulation software, Dynamic Design Solutions can help you meet finite element modeling and analysis deadlines on time. Our consulting team consists of professionals with many years of experience in solving various engineering challenges. They can take time-consuming projects off your hands or tackle special areas where you lack the expertise, such as:

  • Design and planning of test campaigns to obtain reference data for validation of finite element models.
  • Finite element model validation and updating using test data.
  • Finite element data translation between different formats
  • Structural design optimization.

Using a network of consultancy partners we can handle your complete project including design, meshing, analysis, testing, model updating and optimization.

Send an email to info@femtools.com to describe the nature of the problem and a team member will contact you to discuss your needs.