Company Profile

Dynamic Design Solutions ("DDS") is an independent and privately owned company that develops CAE software tools for validating simulation models, optimizing engineering designs, modal testing and automating simulation processes. 

We provide solutions that help FEA and test engineers to improve the fidelity of FE models, identify structural properties, assess uncertainty of variables and incorporate variability into models. These validated models can then be used with more confidence to improve performance under real world conditions.

Dynamic Design Solutions is a technology leader in Finite Element (FE) model updating using static or dynamic reference test data. We service a wide spectrum of industries including aerospace, automotive, defense, marine, manufacturing, power, sports and education. Many prestigious companies and institutions have relied on our unique and proven technologies combined with the best possible support and technical expertise by a dedicated team of specialists.

Founded in 1994, Dynamic Design Solutions is providing advanced but yet easy to use engineering software. The competitive advantages of the company, our products and services are demonstrated by:

  • A prestigious and wide customer base of commercial and academic organizations worldwide.
  • A unique position in providing analysis solutions that can run stand-alone or integrate commercial FEA models and solvers for model validation, updating or design optimization.
  • A platform- and solver-independent engineering framework with essential components for graphics, data management, and programming, serves as the basis for developing a growing array of CAE tools. 
  • The only company providing interactive software that integrates all components for real-life model validation, updating or design optimization. From pre-test planning to probabilistic design improvement.
  • A professional and multi-lingual staff of engineers with extensive experience gained from consulting with sophisticated customers.

Dynamic Design Solutions is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium.

Distribution Policy

Our products and services are available directly from Dynamic Design Solutions and from a growing network of Solutions Partners providing localized sales and support.

Research and Development

Participation in international research projects and our own internal research on the core correlation and updating technology is expected to regularly yield new major functional upgrades and new related products. Our research and development focuses on the following areas: 

  • Applications of test-analysis integration. This includes applications like damage detection, material identification, ...
  • Integration of design and analysis. This includes applications like design optimization, rapid prototyping, robust design, ...
  • CAE process integration and automation - Automation of analysis and validation processes involving different distributed analysis and diagnostics tools.
  • CAE database management - FEA and test data translation, normalization, transformation, and archiving.

Dynamic Design Solutions works with a network of technical advisors from university and industry. Members advise our developers and customers on new technologies and applications.

Dynamic Design Solutions participated in several collaborative research and development projects at national and international level (e.g. EU framework projects).

Technology Partners

Dynamic Design Solutions is a third party technology partner with the leading finite element companies.


Dynamic Design Solutions is a member of NAFEMS, the International Association for the Engineering Analysis community.




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